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Have you been to Crewe Market Hall?

Posted: June 14 2021
Category: Eating & Drinking
By: Made In Northwich

Crewe Market Hall has undergone a £3 million transformation so obviously we had to go down and check out what it looks like.

The market stalls are situated in a grade II listed building in the town centre, we could hear the hustle and bustle before we even stepped inside. It is bang on trend with an industrial and rustic style, independent businesses lining each side of the hall with seating in the middle and a centre stage for live music. 

We loved how much choice there was and how easy it was to order, scanning the QR code on your table you could have a pizza from Jordy's, a beer from Crewe Dog and a cheesecake from Buttery Biscuit Base. 

You can also browse some of the boutique shops and get your nails done, all in one place! 

We spoke with the guys who were working at the Crewe Dog as this is a the first in the franchise to open from The Salty Dog in Northwich, they told us "It's going really well and we have been very busy this week, it's great to see people out and about and enjoying themselves again". 

It has a real sense of community and great to see that Crewe have been able to bring together traders from across the county. There really is something for everyone to enjoy and if you are in Crewe you have to pop into the market hall and see it for yourself. 

How often do you visit your local market? Comment below...

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