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New Warrington Market

Posted: May 15 2021
Category: Leisure
By: Amanda Cope

Have you been to the new Warrington Market yet?

It had been a good few years since I visited Warrington Market and it has had a serious upgrade! We stumbled inside when looking for a Best burger in Cheshire recommendation. I couldn’t believe how big the place was...

Home to over 50 independent traders, the market hall covers two floors that you can wander around. There is fresh fruit and veg, sweets, jewellery, clothing, make-up and not forgetting The Cookhouse which has a wide array of food outlets and even a couple of cocktail bars. I can definitely recommend The Artisan Bar and Cafe at the end of the Universe and I can’t wait to go back and try out some more.

There was plenty of outdoor seating with shelter which is obviously needed given our unpredictable weather. I can imagine it will be a beautiful spot in the summer months. 

From our poll on Instagram we realised there are a lot of people like us, didn't know it was there. Next time you’re passing through Warrington you should definitely pop by, you won’t be disappointed!

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